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Our Business

Our Business

For 35 years now FA Simms & Partners have been providing Members' Voluntary Liquidation help and advice to solvent companies.

What we believe makes us the right company for you is the experience and knowledge our team has surrounding this solvent liquidation process.

We have helped hundreds of solvent companies with this process before so have the skills and expertise to ensure a professional service.

Are You Solvent?

Are You Solvent?

  • Are you considering closing your company to distribute assets or cash to shareholders and looking for the most tax efficient method?

  • Do you need to restructure your company to allow different assets and trade to go in different directions?

    If you answered yes to these questions then you are most likely solvent and are eligible to enter a Members' Voluntary Liquidation.

  • Overview


    A Members' Voluntary Liquidation is a liquidation option available for solvent companies wanting to close due to them not seeing a future for their company.

    A solvent company means that there are enough funds to be able to pay back all creditors in full within a one year time frame and also there are surplus funds for the shareholders to receive distributions.



    Since the ESC-C16 concession was legislated in March 2012, the only way to receive the healthy tax benefits that the ESC-C16 held is to go through a Members' Voluntary Liquidation process.

    The legislation placed a cap on informal liquidations receiving the tax benefits at £25,000 so any funds over this will only receive the benefits if they entered into a Members' Voluntary Liquidation.

    Members' Voluntary Liquidation Costs

    Members' Voluntary Liquidation Costs

    A Members' Voluntary Liquidation process starts from £2,000 + VAT + Disbursements. This is a very competitive price and for it we ensure a smooth and quick process with a planned immediate distribution of funds where agreed with the shareholders in advance.

    Disbursements will typically be in the region of around £500.

    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Ensuring you seek advice early is always the key to receiving the best options for you and your circumstance so please contact us today.

    Our initial advice is free so even if you just want to discuss the Members' Voluntary Liquidation without proceeding with anything please feel free to call us.

    Our Insolvency Practitioners travel to a convenient location to you for the initial meeting.


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